“Gruppo Magnanimi” is joining the experience and the expertise of two major companies operating for years in the construction industry and energy saving.

The first is the Company “Delta Costruzioni Srl”, born in 2001, founded by the Surveyor Andrea Magnanimi. After a brief introduction in the framework of restructuring, the company has been dedicated to the realization of civil construction with the formula "General Contractor". Already in 2003, the growth of  his business has made it necessary to insert a “Professional Team” of technicians in charge of direction of the yards,  accounting, security and executive planning.

The experience acquired over the years and the professionalism of managers, technical and operators, allows the company to be at the forefront of using new materials and technologies in the field of construction and prefabrication.

The TDP Srl was, instead, acquired in 2011 and performs his activities in private buildings, studying always the most efficient solutions regarding energy efficiency, in order to offer a service aimed at ensuring the most advanced systems, from high standard performances.

Both companies are equipped with all the necessary certifications and attestations  for the realization of the equipments, according to the law DM 37/08.

Since 2014 the two companies have overstepped the borders of Europe, creating the Delta Dakar and TDP Dakar, located in the capital of Senegal; Dakar, in Africa, the first operating in real estate, the second in the rental of vehicles and construction equipment. The new foreign companies are growing and benefit from the experience and professionalism of local collaborators.

The “Gruppo Magnanimi” is today a company capable of offering great services and quality satisfying the necessities of any branch in the building sector, such as urban, residential and industrial one.

The “Gruppo Magnanimi” is operating  in the field of residential construction, industrial and public works, with quality and safety. The team  operating is consisting of qualified and specialized group of technicians who ensure the timeliness, accuracy and punctuality.

The construction of new buildings for civilian use, as well as the restructuring, restoration, renovation and maintenance, are all the area in which “Gruppo Magnanimi” operates, either through its own entrepreneurial initiative either through private or public tenders.

In the area of non-residential building and public works, “Gruppo Magnanimi” operates in the 

construction, restructuring and maintenance of industrial, commercial and public buildings in general.

The “Gruppo Magnanimi” guarantees maximum professionalism and innovation in all areas of its competence in  building and energy saving, providing a year-lasting consolidated experience, verified by countless works  carried out in both the public and private sectors.